Pirate Halloween Costumes

Pirate costumes are among the hottest Halloween trends. Whether the look is dashing & sexy or sinister & scary pirate Halloween costumes are inventive enough to make the most confirmed land-lubber look like a swashbuckler.  Hop on your pirate ship and set sail with pirate costumes for men, women, and children. Find your pirate costume today before you walk the plank!

Pirate Costumes

Kids and adults will both love the opportunity to become famous swashbucklers this Halloween! Get ready for all kinds of fun at a Halloween costume party, getting dressed up for some trick-or-treating, and much more with all of these fun styles.

From long and swishing dresses for lady pirates, to long jackets and bandannas that help someone look like they belong in Peter Pan's lost boys, there are tons of different styles and looks for everyone, infants and toddlers up to adults! Girls and boys will love a choice of diverse styles from dark and dangerous pirate lords to fun and flowing outfits. Adults also have plenty of options to choose from, like ragged skirts and coats, distinguished pirates with frilly shirts, pretty pirates who will get more than their fair share of booty from a costume party, and more, it's easy to find costumes that everyone will love in this collection! 

Pirate Costume Accessories

When you add accessories to your next pirate Halloween costume, you're sure to create a look that's even better than ever for your next special day or night of dressing up! Pirates love their accessories, and now you can browse our selection to get all kinds of wonderful items. Add to a costume with items like a hat, bandannas, curved swords, boots, and wigs, or build your costume from the ground up with shirts, pants, coats, or skirts, and make your look perfect no matter what you want.

There are hair decorations, eye patches, and belts, and there are plenty of items that help you create a look that you're sure to love for your next costume party, a night of taking the entire crew out for some trick-or-treating, and any other dress-up event you can think of!



This villain harries Captain Jack Sparrow up and down the Caribbean, and now you can add his memorable look to your next pirate costume! With the help of the Davy Jones makeup tutorial, you'll be able to look like a powerful warrior of the seas who's ship can never be destroyed! This guide comes with a set of handy pictures, a set of step-by-step instructions, and a video that shows you what to do at each step. Command the Flying Dutchman and rule over the waves this Halloween!


If your child is mad about pirates, you can now make their day with the help of a DIY Wagon Pirate Ship! This handy guide includes a list of all the materials you'll need, step-by-step guides, handy pictures that help you visualize the creation, and more. It's a wonderful way to help get your kids involved in some arts and crafts fun, and create a wonderful item that's great for an afternoon of swashbuckling adventures, a birthday party, and much more! Your kids will love pretending the grass has turned into the churning waves, watching the Jolly Roger fly above their heads, and raiding the snack table!

Pirate Parties

Goonies Birthday Party

The Goonies are a classic eighties movie that revolves around the hunt for a pirate's hidden treasure, and it's a great theme for a young adventurer's birthday party! While we offer lots of pirate costumes, but you can also create an amazing event when you take a look at the tips and tricks on this Goonies party page! From invitations before the big day, to decorations like pirate skeletons, banners, tableware, and unique party backdrops, it will look incredible for all! There are also favors and games, so that every detail of your party is perfect for everyone!

DIY pirate mast party decoration

Want to help make your pirate party the most incredible event your guests will ever attend? Create a fun and unique piece of decoration when you build a DIY Pirate Mast Decoration! This guide includes a list of required materials, step-by-step guides, handy pictures that show you each step in the process, and decoration tips to help you create something that looks just right. It's sure to be a perfect centerpiece for your pirate party!

Pirate Facts

Avast ye, and prepare to be boarded! Pirates have ruled the seas in our hearts and minds for centuries, ever since the golden age of pirates, from 1650 to 1720. Now, it's never been easier to get a swashbuckling pirate costume that helps you look incredible for your next night of costume parties, Halloween trick-or-treating, getting ready for a fun fan event, and much more!

A pirate, a least in the way we usually think of them, would board his ship and stage raids on merchant vessels and seaside towns, making off with all the riches and merchandise they can. They were dangerous killers, and any ship on the high seas hated to see the Jolly Roger – the black flag with skull and crossbones that many pirate ships flew. Some famous pirate names that you may recognize include Blackbeard, John “Calico Jack” Rackham, Stede Bonnet, William Kidd, and Henry Morgan. These legendary characters spread fear up and down the Carribbean, including Cubo, Puerto Rico, Florida, and even to South America.

While he may be fictional, almost everyone knows the name Captain Jack Sparrow these days! Whether you want to make up your own legend, or become a classic real-life buccaneer, this collection of pirate Halloween costumes is sure to help you look ready for any kind of high-seas action and adventure!

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