Pirate Halloween Costumes

Pirate costumes are among the hottest Halloween trends. Whether the look is dashing & sexy or sinister & scary pirate Halloween costumes are inventive enough to make the most confirmed land-lubber look like a swashbuckler.  Hop on your pirate ship and set sail with pirate costumes for men, women, and children. Find your pirate costume today before you walk the plank!

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Women are saying, "Aye aye" to pirate costumes that allow them to show their sexy side. Some choose to look like a buxom pirate wench while others have aspirations of commanding a ship of their own. The female buccaneer is all about a short skirt - perhaps with a petticoat underneath - and a corset-like bodice. Accessorize with some thigh high boots and a cutlass to complete the look and any self-respecting male pirate has to sit up and take notice.

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Men are also getting into some thievery on the high seas with pirate Halloween costumes. Many are modeled after current favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Others let guys play the gentleman pirate for the night with stylish attention to detail and a suitably dashing blade. Of course it is Halloween, so no party could be complete without a cutthroat buccaneer or two in the throng. Emulate famous pirate Blackbeard by donning something dark and sinister for the evening.

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Adults aren't the only ones who love pirate costumes, though! Kids can get in on the act and dress like a pint-sized Jack Sparrow or Angelica from the well-beloved Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Let the kids captain their own ship or play the sassy swashbuckler with pirate Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to be a hit.

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Halloween is one of the best nights to play at being a pirate. It all starts with getting the right costume. Choose something sweet and sexy or commanding and sinister - either way being a pirate for an evening is all about adventure on the high seas. Finish the look with just the right boots, hat and other accessories and practice up on your pirate lingo to make a splash at this year's party.

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