Teen Horror & Gothic Costumes

Vampire Costumes

It's no secret - Teenagers prefer to stay up all night. Grab him or her a vampire costume this Halloween and let your middle or high schooler play the part. Just remember: No matter how scary your teen's scary costume is, biting necks is OFF LIMITS! Actually, maybe it's best to keep the lights on altogether.

Ghost Costumes

Your teen will look as though his or her morning alarm just sounded the entire time he or she is rocking one of these ghost costumes. From classy to frightening to funny, any look from the selection of somber styles at Wholesale Halloween Costumes is sure to scare! Will your teen be a happy haunt or one with some unfinished business and ill will?

Horror Costumes

In most classic scary movies, teenagers are victims. From Sydney in Scream to the residents of Elm Street to the campers at Crystal Lake, the antagonists in these films always seem to have a common target. Put your teenager on the other side of horror this Halloween when he or she dresses up like Ghostface, Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees or any other baddie.

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