Superhero & Villain Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, have you picked out your costume yet? Picking out a Halloween costume can be a big decision. You want to get something that looks great and is fun to wear, right? Why not be a superhero for Halloween? Dressing up as your favorite superhero is a blast and you can feel powerful for the night! The best part is anyone can wear superhero Halloween costumes! While superhero costumes can be purchased in retail stores, they can also be purchased right online!  Shop now!

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Mystique Makeup Tutorial

Mystique is neither hero nor villain, but always plays a major part in the legacy of the X-Men. Whether you're a fan of this shapeshifter and assassin, or somebody who actively roots against her, there's no denying that this video can give you an awesome look for Halloween!

Superman Makeup Tutorial

Kryptonite is Superman's one weakness, and it has been known to have deadly consequences if he goes near it. Wholesale Halloween Costumes put a twist on the Man of Steel with this unique makeup tutorial. Battle-damaged your ordinary costume with this hurting version of the Kal El.

Wonder Woman Costumes

If you think Superman and Batman run things in the Justice League, think again. Since 1942, Diana Prince has been the bar by which female superheroes are measured, and with good reason. In 2017, she hit the silver screen for the first time, and her popularity continues to grow. Don't miss out on your chance to cop a Wonder Woman costume before your next comic book convention!

Captain America Costumes

In a Captain America costume, you'll look just like Steve Rogers, one of the first members of the Avengers, this Halloween. With his blue winged mask and his star-spangled shield, Captain America always does what's just - even when some friends might disagree with him. Dress with some patriotic superhero style this Halloween!

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There are plenty of superhero Halloween costumes for both children and adults to choose from. The costumes for infants and toddlers include Spider-Man, Batman, Supergirl and Batgirl. The costumes for children include Iron Man, Wolverine, Mrs. Incredible and the Pink Power Ranger. Teens costumes include the Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Spider Girl and Girls Captain America. You're never too old to dress up for Halloween, and there are superhero costumes for adults as well! The adult costumes include Mr. Incredible, Thor, Wonder Woman and Catwoman. The Halloween costumes come in different sizes and styles. The wide selection of costumes will give everyone the chance of finding one they like, regardless of age and gender!

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Costume accessories will vary per costume. Sometimes you do come across a costume that does not have the accessory you want or need. If you need any accessories for your superhero costumes, you can always buy them separately! The accessories include masks, gloves, boot covers, weapons, shields and makeup. The selection of accessories is just as wide as the selection of costumes, helping you to find exactly what you need!

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Superhero Halloween costumes are great for various Halloween related events! Families can wear them out when they take the children trick-or-treating. Guests can wear them to the Halloween party they have been invited to! They can also be worn to haunted attractions and other public Halloween events! You can even save your costume for any non-Halloween events or conventions.

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