Superheroes & Villains Accessories

Superheroes always have cool gadgets to help them defeat the evil villains. These superhero accessories will enhance your superhero look and might just give you the superpowers you need to save the day for your Halloween or cosplay costume! You'll find heroic footwear, prop weapons, masks, and more in our superhero accessories.

Gloves are key to finishing up a super ensemble! Whether you're planning on donning a hero's or heroine's outfit from DC comics, Marvel Entertainment, or even your favorite video games, gloves and gauntlets are at the top of the must-have list. Some heroes like Iron Man and the Hulk need their gloves and hands to help them fight, while others like Batman and Superman use them to protect their hands when they're throwing punches. We also have boots for both the guys and gals to help you kick villain butt. If your hero typically uses a weapon, like the mighty Thor who relies on his hammer, we have a wide selection of props to cut, smash, and blast your way through bad guys.

The most important part of being a superhero or vigilante is to keep your true identity concealed! Most heroes choose to hide their real faces behind their masks, like Spider-Man, Batgirl, and Green Lantern. Don't go revealing your identity to everybody at that next comic convention or while trick or treating and make sure to pick the perfect mask to put the finish touches on your super outfit.

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