Super Mario Bros. Costumes

Most of us have an admiration for Halloween parties and one of the motivating factors that makes them more fun is the chance to do something fun as a group. Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and Toad are all waiting for you to dress up like them in Super Mario Bros. group costumes.

DIY Super Mario Warp Pipe Costume Upgrade

Arguably the most famous pair of plumbers, Mario and Luigi, have stepped out of the video games and into our hearts! Nintendo has kept this classic game franchise since the 80’s. After countless related games and spin-offs it’s pretty clear, the Bros and their friends are here to stay. From Donkey Kong to Princess Peach to Bowser, we all have a favorite!

It's time to “LEVEL UP” your Super Mario Bros. costume so you can warp into any costume party in style. All you need to do is add this DIY green pipe

DIY Super Mario Post-It Note Mural

There are a ton of ways to celebrate National Mario Day, but here at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we go all out. Our team designed and executed a mural made completely out of post-it notes to decorate for the day. If you're feeling extra yourself, you can find the list of materials needed and the template to recreate this Super Mario Post-It Mural.

Super Mario group costumes combine overall and colored shirts with matching caps with the letters M or L on their front. Silly oversized white gloves can be added. The lead characters are great for adults while Yoshi, Toad and Bowser are preferred by video game-loving kids.

There are even more options to choose from such as adorable Princess Peach dresses to rescue yourself from the castle instead of relying on that jumping plumber. Include a couple of toy props with the order to complete the look! You will be ready for all kinds of fun in the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to these Super Mario Brothers costumes. 

Super Mario Bros. Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Embark on a magical adventure to the mushroom kingdom this Halloween in search of the perfect costume for your little gamer. Don’t miss out on the chance to pick up a true timeless classic and peruse through our amazing selection of Super Mario Bros. Costumes. These are officially licensed items designed for the utmost authenticity and praised for an attention-to-detail that’s fans will appreciate.

These stunning new costumes are just what you’ve been searching for to give them a level-up to their look with this Halloween. Our collection features all of their favorite characters such as Mario and Luigi themselves, as well as the often-in-danger Princess Peach and of course everyone’s favorite bad-guy Bowser. There’s more of course and whether you are in need of a Yoshi getup, or some Toad-themed accessories we’ve got you covered. With so many characters on offer, you’ll find Super Mario Bros. makes a great costume theme for the whole family. Make this a multiplayer game and suit up as Super Mario ensemble.

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