Stranger Things Costumes

There is something off about Hawkins, Indiana. Talk of abductions, telekinetic powers and top-secret experiments begin to be heard in this once sleepy town. Gather your friends and help uncover clues with our Stranger Things costumes. Become a part of the Netflix original that has everyone on edge and fill your shopping cart today. Buy a Stranger Things costume for Halloween online.

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Local boy Will Byers goes missing. Girl by the name of Eleven, draped in a hospital gown, appears out of thin air. Multiple sightings of a creature and a portal called Upside-Down surface. What could possibly be happening? Become the characters this Halloween and find out!

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Pick a character and gain a different perspective. Adult can choose from the likes of Chief Jim Hopper or Will’s mother, Joyce. Kids, it’s time to be Mike, Dustin, Lucas or Eleven. Together, maybe you can get Will back to safety. Bravery is the only option.

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