Stick Masquerade Masks

If you're going to Mardi Gras or a masquerade ball, a stick mask is an elegant and dramatic accessory for your outfit. These Venetian and domino masks don't strap to your face. The are on the end of long handles and you hold them to your face. Venetian masks are a centuries old tradition during Carnival in Venice. The custom spread and became popular in Europe during the Baroque period and eventually at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The classics range from plain white to elaborately decorated colorful ones. Some cover the whole face and some just cover the eyes. These smaller domino masks are the style that tend to be on the ends of sticks.

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Stick masks can be basic or intricate. Some are simple shapes with holes for the eyes and a plain handle. Others are black and silver or the Mardi Gras colors of gold, green, and purple. Many are decorated with sequins, fancy braided trim, ribbons, and feather plumes. Sticks can have fancy shapes and carvings and feature dangling decorations. You can carry a stick mask that either compliments or contrasts with your costume. If your outfit is fancy and dramatic you can choose a similar one or a very basic one as to not draw attention from your dress. Likewise, if your dress is not too elaborate then you can carry a very fancy mask and have your disguised face get the attention.

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