Star Lord Costumes

Become Peter Quill with our Star-Lord Halloween Costumes! Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Star-Lord outfits are the perfect way for you to be e a Guardian of the Galaxy. We have a fantastic selection of costumes spanning from boys to men, and at low prices to boot! Get your Star-Lord costumes today!

Star Lord Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You’ll feel like you’re actually a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy this Halloween when you’re decked out in an exciting suite of Peter Quill gear and attire approved by Marvel for your costumed pleasure. If you’re out there searching for a Star-Lord look to show off to all of your fellow Guardians fans with then your quest is at an end.

Based off his appearances in the movie, our collection of Star Lord costumes and accessories will have you blasting alongside the rest of your team in no-time. Consequently this is a great outfit to coordinate alongside your friends making for a group effort that will have a seriously cool payoff. Based off his red ravager look these products feature various pieces of apparel such as his jacket, gloves, prop guns based off his blasters, Star-Lord helmet, and even costume kits all of which are designed with a particular attention-to-detail.

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