St. Patrick's Day Wigs & Facial Hair

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s only best to find yourself the best outfit from head to toe and go to town! At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we have everything green and flashy that goes perfectly with the holiday. 

St. Patrick's Day Wigs & Facial Hair Ideas & Inspiration

Take your St. Patrick’s Day costume to the next level. We have an exciting catalog on offer just for you! It’s been designed and compiled to provide an excellent selection full of various wig pieces as well as facial hair prosthetics that will leave you looking ready to celebrate the Irish from top-to-bottom. You won’t need to go finding a Leprechaun to gain access to this treasure pot. Pick the piece that’s just right for you.

We have long-haired wigs to provide with some flowing emerald locks that look like they came straight the island, as well as shorter bob cuts which feature a distinctly sporty appearance making it a great fit for particularly rowdy get-togethers with the gang. A tinsel wig provides a shiny touch to any ensemble that is sure to catch the eye. The men won’t want to resist showing some manly facial growth with the addition of our bead pieces and other additional accessories that will leave you looking like one rugged leprechaun.

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