St. Patrick's Day Accessories

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the #1 place to go when it comes to fun gear to wear out.  With Saint Patty’s Day right around the corner, you can bet that our collection of green goodies top everywhere else.  Assuming you already have a gnarly costume to go out and celebrate the luck of the Irish with, you are going to need some little additions to accessorize with. 

St. Patrick's Day Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

We’ve got a treasure more valuable than anything a Leprechaun might be hoarding. Get everything you need for a St. Patrick’s Day full of plenty of green-themed fun. Make sure your outfits have got all the bells and whistles they need courtesy of our accessories catalog. This festive offering features plenty of bits and pieces that are so easy to overlook but really make the difference between a good costume and a great one. You’ll be the life of the party when you’re dressed in a costume that really celebrates the Irish.

Accessories listed in this selection include items such as shoes, slippers, and flats with sparkling green detail, wigs, body paint, wigs, hats, glasses and more. St. Patrick’s Day could always use a bit more green in it, so be sure to do your part by getting your accessories in order for a complete top-to-bottom look that will get everyone in the mood to kick the party into high gear.

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