Sonic Costumes

Have you ever wanted to roll around at the speed of sound? Well now you can, with Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Sonic the Hedgehog costumes! We have Sega’s Sonic costumes for boys and girls, and our low prices and great selection mean you’ll be able to find the perfect Sonic the Hedgehog costume! Hurry up and get one, before you’re too slow!

Sonic Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Gotta go fast! Transform your child into their favorite blue speed demon this Halloween with the help of our collection of exciting Sonic the Hedgehog video game costumes. Based on the hit series that found its start as the mascot of the Sega Genesis, Sonic has a long and storied history full of installments, spin-offs, cartoons, remakes and more.

Whether you love running through loops or collecting rings, fans will definitely not want to sleep on the chance to dress up as their favorite characters from this surprisingly robust cast. We’ve got Sonic himself of course in a variety of costumes for both children and adults, but others as well like his best friend Tails, Knuckles and more. Putting together a Sonic look that includes your friends will luckily be a lot easier than collecting the chaos emeralds. Dr. Robotnik will have no chance of making off with the Halloween candy now that you’re here to beat him to the punch.

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