Sonic Costumes

Have you ever wanted to roll around at the speed of sound? Well now you can, with Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Sonic the Hedgehog costumes! We have Sega’s Sonic costumes for boys and girls, and our low prices and great selection mean you’ll be able to find the perfect Sonic the Hedgehog costume! Hurry up and get one, before you’re too slow!

Buy Sonic the Hedgehog costumes online today! 

Run through Green Hill Zone with Knuckles and Tails this Halloween, on a quest to defeat the evil Dr. “Eggman” Robotnik. You can even tackle the mystery of Shadow the Hedgehog as you become this blue hedgehog!

Order your Sonic costume for Halloween from Wholesale Halloween Costumes! Our online ordering and fast shipping ensure that you’ll get your costume even faster than Sonic can collect all the Chaos Emeralds and save the planet from Dr. Robotnik!

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