Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Princess Aurora may have slept for years, but you won’t want to miss a minute when you’re in one of these Aurora Disney Princess costumes. Whether your little girl is dreaming of her prince or is going out to find one, these costumes will surely make you feel like a princess. Hopefully no witches will put any curses on you when you show up to your next Halloween party looking like Aurora and you can turn the heads of all the princes in the land. Girls and women of every age will be waiting for their prince charming in this fun costume for all occasions!

Shop From The Best Selection Of Sleeping Beauty and Aurora Costumes Online

This licensed Disney Princess Aurora costume works great as an individual costume but works just as well as a couples costume. Walk hand in hand with your Prince Charming in a couples costume through the enchanted forest on a white horse just like in the movie with these costumes to make you feel just like you’re in a fairy tale. While it may just be for a few hours, it may be all you need to be swept off your feet just like Princess Aurora. Wands and wigs are also available to complete the look -every princess needs both. 

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