Skylanders Costumes

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Skylanders Costume Ideas & Inspiration

If your child loves their Skylanders toys, then they are going to absolutely love our Skylanders Costumes for Halloween this year! With your purchase of one of these fun costumes, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into a super cool character from the toys and the games. Skylanders is a truly unique experience for a child.

Being one of the first 'toys to life' games on the market, it's no wonder kids love these characters so much. The way it works, is that kids buy their favorite Skylanders characters from the toy store, and then import them into the video game so they can play as them in the game! Whether your child loves Spyro the dragon, Eruptor, Jet-Vac, Stealth Elf, Kaos, Master Eon, Pop Fizz, or Glumshanks, with our excellent Skylanders costumes, your child is going to feel just like his favorite character this year.

Trick or treating as one of these awesome toys will be the best time of your kid's life! There's nothing more fun than video games, as any kid knows, but those games become especially fun when your action figures get to be a part of the game! Make this Halloween a truly special one for your son or daughter and make it a Skylanders costume theme with all of your child's friends this year. When your child and all of their friends are dressed up as Boomer, Camo, Double Trouble, Cynder, Voodood and Trigger Happy while out and about in town trick or treating, well you just know it's going to be a great time.

You'll have a blast watching your kid play around with all of their action figures while all dressed up as them this year. Buy one of our Skylanders Costumes today, and go make this Halloween a celebration of your child's favorite toys and video game this year!

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