Skeleton Costumes

Skeleton costumes come in lots of different forms and styles, including big and fancy bony tuxedos, Day of the Dead skeleton dresses, ponchos, full-body tights, delectable dresses for fancy ladies, gloves, hats, from creepy and scary to fun and hilarious, masks, props, decorations, and plenty more items. There are costumes for men and women, kids, and even toddlers and newborns to get them ready for some costume fun this Halloween, whether you're going out for some trick-or-treating, or want to get ready for a costume party. Become the queen of the skeletons, a colorful dancing sack of bones, a bony skeleton dragon, unicorn, or bat, and plenty of other possibilities.

Facts About Skeletons

Skeletons! We all have one. It's inside you right now! But there's no need to fear: skeletons provide necessary support to stand, sit, and do every physical activity you can think of, and they're one of the most critical party in the structure of the body. But that doesn't keep them from being a classic scary look on Halloween, and now you can take a look at this great collection of skeleton Halloween costumes! They have creepy, grinning faces, and they're constant opponents in horror movies or fantasy stories, and as a member of the undead they can be hard to battle!

glow in the dark skeletons

Halloween tends to get dark. Not just normal dark, either. Scary dark. But don't worry, you'll be ready to spread some light and keep the Halloween spirit alive this year with a glow in the dark skeleton costume! Not only can they still look creepy and spooky with a bright green glow, but they're a great choice for going out for some trick-or-treating in the dark Halloween night, or taking the kids to a costume party. It's a colorful look for a night that tends to have lots of blacks and grays.


Skeletons are, for the most part, white. Because that's what color bones are. But it doesn't have to always be that way. Colorful skeleton Halloween costumes are available in a variety of different forms for kids and adults with these costumes! You can add colorful skeleton tutus, or full-body outfits with a rainbow of hips, ribs, tibias, clavicles, and sternums to offer. Girls can dress up as a Day of the Dead senorita with a couple of roses as decoration, and plenty more. Since people expect a bone-white skeleton, surprise them with some wonderful color at your next event!


Are you headed to a wonderful night of fancy costume fun? Make sure you're the best-dressed undead this Halloween when you have some of the formal skeleton costumes we have available. There are floor-length dresses and gowns, long-tailed tuxedos and suits, and plenty of extra accessories that are sure to help you create an outfit – or a couple of outfits – that are perfect for a night of fancy Halloween fun.


Skeletons are on of the classic and memorable Halloween looks, and everybody can become one of these famous undead creatures, including the family pet! There are a great collection of pet styles for your friendly dog, that are great for taking everyone in the entire family out for some trick-or-treating in the dark Halloween night, going to a costume party, and for any other kind of event.

Sexy Skeletons

“Sexy” might not be what people first think of when they imagine a skeleton, but it's time to change that! Show off some hips that are sure to get people staring when you go to a costume party or take the kids trick-or-treating, and you can find a great look in a variety of styles. There are dresses and tights to choose from, that show off your very best bits and pieces. Grab your favorite skeleton guy and get a wonderful couples costume.


Skeletons are usually for getting a dress-up costume for a party or a night of trick-or-treating, but there are some cool items you can wear to school, work, or just outside anywhere, with items like ponchos, suits and ties, little hats, headbands, hoodie sweatshirts, and plenty more, that helps you get a cool look for any time.

Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

If you want to get a costume outfit that's perfect from top to bottom, check out the Skull Makeup Tutorial! There's a video to make following along easy, as well as step-by-step instructions in text and picture form. With a few fun makeup choices, your wonderful skeleton guy or gal look is ready to look just right!


The undead are a classic look for Halloween, and even if you want to go as a big and wonderful group, there are tons and tons of ways for your to get everyone ready for a costume party, and trick-or-treating. Kids and adults can all become a family of bony fools when they canvas the neighborhood, and if you want to become a group of classy skeletons who have never looked better – and no one could ever look as good – there are wonderful fancy outfits that are great for getting everyone in your group prepared for all kinds of fun!


If you're trying to get your house or another area ready for a night of Halloween party fun, add some spooks and scares to the decoration when you get the different props and decorations we offer here! You can get a skeleton that's in the process of emerging from the ground in the lawn, a light-up skull door cover, a three-foot long hanging skeleton – or a twelve foot hanging skeleton. Yikes. That's big. Felt decorations, a chained-up torso, a bloody death bed with a skeleton underneath, a hanging skulls dungeon décor, an animated crouching skeleton decoration, and lots of other helpful decorations you and your guests will love.

Skeleton Party Ideas

Make an amazing Bones and Blossoms Party for your next fun costume party, some Halloween fun, or even a birthday party – for the right person. There are invitations, colorful decorations, tons of party food like deviled eggs, spare ribs, bone cookies, and more, as well as party activities, and fun party favors that will be memorable for your guests for years to come.

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