Shimmer and Shine Costumes

Leah along with her genies Shimmer & Shine are all here at Wholesale Halloween Costume. Let the girls dress up in these magically cute Shimmer & Shine costumes which can be used during dress-up or while trick-or-treating. Grant at least one of your daughter’s daily 3 wishes by purchasing a Shimmer and Shine costume for this upcoming Halloween.

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When Leah falls upon a magical genie bottle her life changes as Shimmer & Shine appear. With a daily limit of 3 wishes, the group always manages to get in trouble only to fix it all before sundown. Leah’s best friend Zac eventually joins the fun too leading to adventures in Zahramay Falls.

Find the best Girl's Shimmer and Shine Costumes for your budget

Even more adorable than the cartoon, Wholesale offers quality girl’s jumpsuits. Vibrant hues of pinks, purples and blues will make your girls feel royal. Included cuffs and headpieces add the finishing touch.

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