Shimmer and Shine Costumes

Leah along with her genies Shimmer & Shine are all here at Wholesale Halloween Costume. Let the girls dress up in these magically cute Shimmer & Shine costumes which can be used during dress-up or while trick-or-treating. Grant at least one of your daughter’s daily 3 wishes by purchasing a Shimmer and Shine costume for this upcoming Halloween.

Shimmer and Shine Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Have some magical fun with your girl this Halloween courtesy of a pair of accident-prone genie sisters. They do their best but often end up in some real misadventures with their human friend Leah. Now it’s your turn to do better and make her wish come true by picking her up costumes from our stupendous Shimmer and Shine catalog.

Featuring a collection of officially licensed items ranging from costumes to accessories, we are here to provide you with everything she needs for a Halloween adventure that’s straight out of her favorite show. We have genie costumes featuring both Shimmer and Shine, making it a great choice for siblings or best friends looking to team up this season. Featuring Arabian-inspired fashion these costumes have an otherworldly exotic flair to them that only adds to their magical aesthetic. Make sure they’re ready to party with fully decked out costumes that have been summoned for them to enjoy.

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