Sexy Storybook & Fairytale Costumes

Something is wrong in fairytale land! All these characters have grown up and become sexy, voluptuous women! From Little Red to Alice, Dorothy to Tinkerbell, and many more! If you want to be a fairytale land characters and tell a whole new kind of bedtime story, you should get a sexy storybook and fairytale costumes for Halloween or whenever the mood for "story time" arises. Take a look at all kinds of different costumes to find the right fit for you.

The sexy fairytale costumes have become popular at parties and other events. Whatever you do, there are going to be some people that can't stop looking at just how hot you look. One of the most fun thing to do with a range of fairytale based costumes is to get all of them together and have a little invasion straight from classic works of literature. Everything from the women's sexy Mad Hatter to some other adorable fairytale outfits like Goldilocks are available. Just watch out for the Big Bad Wolf because we have a Halloween costume for that too. Check out more of our accessories and props to see what else you can add to the fun.

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