Schoolgirl Costumes

Teacher's pet, cheerleaders, and class nerds all make great Halloween costumes when you turn them into sexy schoolgirl Halloween costume. Enjoy dressing up for Halloween with some naughty and tempting ideas, that are sure to move you to the front of the class. Stay after for extra credit points and role-play with your significant other. Take a look at some of our different schoolgirl outfits to find the best match.

Plaid short skirts, half-buttoned top, and a necktie are the standard uniform for many school girls. Why not sexy it up a bit with props and makeup? Creating perfect sexy costumes is more than just what you wear, but completely emerging yourself in the role. Instead of a purse, carry a book bag that sports fun designs and fill it with all kinds of seductive goodies. Sexy schoolgirls costumes are a classic fantasy many wish to live out. Match it up with a partner who is dressed as the tempted teacher. Remember that attitude makes the costume complete. With a little imagination and the right props or accessories, you can bring out the sexy schoolgirl in you this Halloween.

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