Schoolgirl Costumes

Teacher's pet, cheerleaders, and class nerds all make great Halloween costumes when you turn them into sexy schoolgirl Halloween costume. Enjoy dressing up for Halloween with some naughty and tempting ideas, that are sure to move you to the front of the class. Stay after for extra credit points and role-play with your significant other. Take a look at some of our different schoolgirl outfits to find the best match.

Schoolgirl Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Be teacher’s pet this Halloween with an irresistible look that will see you become an A-student overnight. Make sure all eyes are on you this Halloween when you make your big debut with a naughty take on your school uniform that is definitely not up to code. You’ll be the most popular girl on campus once everyone gets a load of your revealing schoolgirl outfit taking from one very scandalous selection of sexy scholastic costumes.

Show off why you should be Prom Queen with a seductive outfit that features plenty of Plaid and white tops in a decidedly un-PG-13 fashion. You used to think school was never all that exciting but now that you’re older why not take the opportunity to rewrite this page of your life with a sexy schoolgirl uniform that will leave that special someone in your life breathless. School’s out this Halloween leaving you with plenty of playtime to get up to some risqué fun.

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