Sexy Saloon Girls Costumes

You are going to be beautiful and classic in a sexy saloon girl costume this Halloween. The sexy saloon girl costumes feature can-can and burlesque style dresses from days gone by. Start a tab out in the wild west and keep all the cowboys entertained. Check out what kinds of outfits we have to offer.

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These sexy saloon girl costumes portray just that flirty, mysterious attitude of the old West right up to the days of Vaudeville. These costumes are modeled on historical examples but have been updated to become super sexy like the saloon girl herself. Though they would have been scandalous during the 1800's, nowadays they are fun, creative costumes that no one else will have! Keep a pack of cards or maybe some stray aces hidden up your sleeve. A concealed pistol is also a good accessory to keep in your garter. These Halloween costumes bring back the mystery and intrigue of the women when saloon girls were a common profession. Browse through all of our accessories to see what else you can add to the fun.

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