Sexy Zombie Costumes

It'll be much easier to find tasty brains when you're dressed in a sexy zombie party costume! The classic zombie is one of the most popular costumes to wear to Halloween parties, so who's to say that you can't be sexy dressed as a gory, oozing, undead human? Some of the best sexy zombie outfits take other traditional costume ideas like the nurse, cheerleader, housewife, military soldier, and prom queen and give them a terrifying transformation while still keeping a sultry look.

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We carry a number of sexy zombie party costumes that feature fashionable skirts and dresses with bloody designs on the front. In addition, props and accessories can be used to heighten the authentic look of your costume. If your zombie character was once a nurse, then you can employ fun pieces like a stethoscope and nurse's bag. Cheerleaders are known for using a megaphone and pom-poms. Additional items from our selection of online accessories can also be used , so get creative! Even if you're dressed as a bloody zombie, you can still create a sexy look with eye makeup and lipstick. False lashes are the perfect way to enhance your look without taking away from the scary element. Anything and everything can help create the hottest zombie to ever roam the land.

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