Sexy Vampire Costumes

Vampires haven't always been sex stars. There was a time when they were grotesque and frightening. However, in recent years, these characters have seen a complete turnaround. Some say it started with Anne Rice's novels that made being a vampire hot and attractive or perhaps Twilight sealed the deal for you. However the trend began, if you are dressing as a blood-sucker this Halloween you want to be sexy. The good news it that with a little creativity and some patience you can don one of oursexy vampire costumes this Halloween and takeover the night at your next party.

Sexy is all in how you portray it and how it fits. You might be drawn to a short skirt and low cut top for a hot vamp outfit, but that may not be necessary. Remember that a big part of what makes vampires so attractive is the fact that they are mysterious and intriguing. Whether the skirt is long or short with bare shoulders or covered arms, if you are feeling sexy and mysterious in it then you will pull off the look. Something in black and red to show your love of both the night and the lustrous color of blood is usually the popular choice. By choosing a costume that looks great on you and the right accessories to go with it, you can also be a sexy vampire this Halloween. It doesn't end with the basic costume. Remember the accessories for a finished look that is hot and timeless.

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