Sexy Horror & Gothic Costumes

Are you a female fan of horror movies looking for the perfect scary, yet sexy Halloween Costume? There are a few ideas available for sexy horror & gothic costumes that are different from the everyday garb of witches and ghosts. Look red hot as a devil or seductively sombre as a zombie. With a variety of hauntingly hot styles, you are sure to see at least one sexy horror costume that is to your liking. You could kill with your looks alone! Take a look at all of our fun, sexy, and flirtatious ensembles to attract all kinds of ghoulish stares.

Vampire Costumes

Vampires have long haunted the shadows and dreams of people across the world. They inspire fear and induce terror, and they're also unavoidably charming and quick-witted. Taking all of that power and putting it into a single creature allows for them to be possibly the most terrifying things in the night. Now, take that power and pack it all into a beautiful and seductive person. Transform into a bat, and into a woman of the shadows capable of both attacking and attracting! A vampiress is the ultimate woman of power, and there's nothing more attractive. Whether you want to spice up your costume or show off your curves, a sexy vampire costume is a great start to achieving that look.

Ghost Costumes

Spirits are far more than transparent beings that haunt the living. They can be much more than spooky... they can be sexy, too! Who says the ghastly can't have curves? What else is more alluring and hypnotizing than the silhouette of a ghostly figure? Take a sexy ghost costume and turn your average ghost look into a spiced up or skin-tight ghastly creation! If you're going to haunt the living, you might as well look good doing it. You can still be pale faced and spooky, but there's no reason you can't also be a sexy spook! Whether you're a ghastly gal or a spooky sir, there's a sexy ghost costume for you.

Not only can you find sexy horror costumes, but also a variety of famous characters. If you are considering going out as Edward Scissorhands, you of course need the scissor hand gloves. If Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is your favorite, adding a chainsaw prop might be right for you. Create an innovative zombie costume in time for Halloween. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sexy horror costumes. But if horror isn’t your style, give yourself a sexy makeover as a variety of classic spooky icons with a twist. Witches, vampires, ghosts, and more will still be a big hit this time of year.

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