Sexy Greek/Roman Costumes

Who knows the epitome of sexy beauty better than the goddesses of ancient Rome and Greece? These divine divas were hailed as the greatest legendary babes of all time: Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships, Cleopatra, who won the love of the great Caesar and Marc Antony, and of course, Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Capture all the romantic drama of these historic beauties in any of these sexy Greek/Roman costumes.

These costumes highlight ultra-femininity, accenting curves with flowing fabrics and decorating long limbs with gold or silver bands. Every girl already has some of the beautiful goddess within her, and these costumes will bring it out in stunning reality. They are not for your ordinary toga party - ancient sexy Roman costumes are designed to make the goddess stand out from the crowd! These costumes come in a variety of sizes for any type of beauty. She is someone the ancients put on a pedestal and worshiped, and much of that ancient goddess is still in the modern concept of feminine beauty today. Browse through the rest of our rest to add jewelry, accessories, and other items to your look.

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