Sexy Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

Beneath a swaying palm tree next to a sparkling desert oasis lounges an exotic and beautiful flower. She has the mystery of a veiled face, the smoothness of her colorful silks, and the sultry sway of the desert dunes. She's an Arabian princess or perhaps a gypsy dancer, an iconic character of gorgeous desert origins. Any of these sexy Egyptian and Arabian costumes will bring her to life, creating an unforgettable Halloween or party. Browse through our selection of costumes from this category to find the best item that matches your style.

These Halloween costumes focus on rippling silks that move with the body, made for blowing in the hot desert wind or gently moving to an undulating dance. Let everyone know that a luxurious desert beauty has entered the room. These women could have been ancient queens like the legendary Cleopatra or as a playful princess. They could also be simple caravan gypsies, traveling from one town to the next, living off the land and loving whom they pleased. They are famous for their mystical abilities to look into the future with crystal balls or tarot cards. Sexy Egyptian/Arabian costumes are flexible in their character, making them diverse options for future occasions or dances. They can also be accented for added fun with wigs, hats, and headpieces for a whole new look.

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