Sexy 70's Costumes

The "feel good decade" not only brought about boogie music, a groovy spirit, and a whole new era of dance but also paved the way for fashionable sex appeal. In the seventies the new social culture spoke out to the people, much like the distinctive and eye-catching designs that made seventies style so fab. Show your fun loving nature and flirtatious attitude by sporting something from our line of sexy 70’s costumes this Halloween. We offer a wide range of fun, hot, and classic costumes to show off your movin’ and groovin’ style. Go wild on the dance floor or even the bedroom in any of these items.

Costumes made for adults can be just as fun as those made for children. The whole fun of Halloween and parties is the ability to transform yourself in ways that you would not be able to on a day-to-day basis. There is no way you can show up at the office as a sexy disco chick on just any Monday, but at a Halloween costume party anything goes! From pants suits to skirts, bell bottoms to tab collars, these retro sexy 70’s costumes cultivate a free spirited aura consistent with their time. Forget the nurse, the maid, or the saloon girl get ups; stand out among the crowd this year with a psychedelic ensemble.

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