Sexy 60's Costumes

Get your mojo going for a sexy, swinging party with free-loving hippie chicks to go-go dancers. There is something here to bring out every lady’s inner party girl. A lot of things went on during this decade, many of which allowed folks to become wild and free and express themselves. A 60’s party is a great place to show off your new look as well as Halloween or another themed event. You can find all sorts of costumes to fit the 60’s genre with a number of our sexy women’s outfits. Take a look at our wide variety of styles to suit your desires.

Recreating the look of the 1960's today takes a little more than just copying the outfit. For quality sexy 60's costumes, you'll find everything you need here from Halloween costumes to all of the necessary accessories Be imaginative when you're searching for the perfect sexy 60's Halloween costume. Turn yourself into a hot hippie, British bombshell, or something completely original. Whether it's just for fun, a Halloween outfit or to wear at a costume party, there are plenty of options for this time era. Browse through our selection of accessories, jewelry, and props to see what else you can add to the look.

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