Sesame Street Costumes

From Grover to Oscar, Abby Cadabby to The Count, Bert to Ernie, Big Bird to Elmo and all the other characters on the block, Sesame Street is a timeless TV Show that anyone in the family can enjoy. Toddlers can be the cutest monsters as Elmo, The Count, or Cookie Monster with Sesame Street Licensed costumes. Adults can join in the fun as sassy Big Bird or Bert. Learn your ABCs in these fabulous and fun frocks – but don’t forget to include everyone on Sesame Street (even Oscar the Grouch!)

Sesame Street Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You might not be able to bring your child to Sesame Street, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring Sesame Street to your child! This Halloween, seize an exciting opportunity to make them feel like they’re right smack dab in the middle of their favorite television show with a bevy of costumes taken from our extensive collection. These are officially licensed outfits and feature characters from the show such as Big Bird, Elmo, the Cookie Monster and more.

Fans can tell when something’s a knockoff or an offshoot, but thankfully these colorful outfits are anything but having been designed to be as close to their television counterparts as physically possible. These costumes come in both child versions so that they can dress up as their favorite characters, as well as adult-sized variants giving you a great chance to join up as a duo that will have them smiling from ear-to-ear just like when they’re watching Sesame Street.

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