Scream Costumes

Make sure that next phone call isn’t from ghostface! In the 90’s movie franchise scream, ghostface terrorizes a whole town and murders them one by one until he gets to his ultimate victim, Sydney Prescott. This classic slasher flick is a fun and campy movie that had every teenager holding on to the edge of their seats and checking if their doors were locked. The movie has been so popular it’s been spoofed in the Scary Movie franchise and has even been turned into an MTV series of the same name. No matter if you like the TV Show or love the movies, we have many different Scream masks and hooded gowns to choose from.

Horror Movie Costumes

Share a scream this Halloween, whether you're looking to dress up like Ghostface or in any other classic horror costume. What's your favorite scary movie? With popular choices like Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees and Chucky from your favorite horror movies, you'll surely have everyone you come across a little jumpier than usual. Trick or treat!

Scream Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Put everyone on notice that there’s a killer on the loose with a costume that comes from one of the most iconic slasher killers of the 90s. Dressed in all black rags, with a white screaming ghoulish white face, your new Ghost Face costume is just what you’ve been searching to really show these kids today with their modern horror movies what it was like when all you needed was a crazy person or persons as the case may be, dressed up and running around with knife.

Today, this slasher has been revived with a cool slick new television show bringing more and more fans to the Scream franchise than ever before. No matter which is your favorite you’ll be glad to have access to such a diverse selection of officially authorized and licensed apparel that has been designed to be as true to the source material as possible. This is one look that Sydney won’t be able happy to see.

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