Scorpion Costumes

Get your head in the game by dressing up as your favorite Mortal Kombat character. Wholesale Halloween Costumes has the perfect Scorpion costume for you to be on fire for a friends' costume party, for cosplay or any comic-themed party. Low prices and fast shipping will have you in a powerful costume in a flash. Get your Kombat gear today!

Scorpion Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become your favorite Mortal Kombat martial arts fighter this Halloween when you pick up one of our supreme quality Scorpion Costumes! It's not much of a surprise why Scorpion seems to always be the fighter you choose when scanning through the character list in the one of a kind Mortal Kombat video games. Just look at him! With his powerful chain whip "Come here!" command, his ability to toss fireballs, his awesome yellow martial arts get-up, and his totally wicked fatalities where he removes his mask and reveals his skull... how can you not fall in love with Scorpion?

This Halloween, when you dress up as this incredible character, you will look and feel just as powerful as Scorpion yourself. Head to the party donning our bright yellow Scorpion get-ups and you will be telling everyone to "Come here!" whenever you need to grab their attention. Nobody will dare try to mess with you while you're dressed up as Scorpion, that's for sure. To make this Halloween a truly special one this year, why not get the whole Mortal Kombat gang together and dress up with all of your friends. When Raiden, Nightwolf, Smoke, Kitana, Baraka, and Liu Kang come to the party together, you know it's going to be a good time.

Use your fireballs and burn up the dance floor with your best disco moves this Halloween all while dressed up as the one and only Scorpion. Get your child a Scorpion costume too when you scan all of our child, toddler, and infant options! Your kid will have his best Halloween yet when all dressed up as his favorite fire-wielding martial artist. Goro won't stand a chance!

Buy one of our Scorpion costumes today, and go make this Halloween a Mortal Kombat celebration like you've never experienced before!

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