Scary Movie Costumes

Terrorize your family and friends with a Scary Movie/Killers costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. From Michael Meyers to Freddy or Jason, we offer a bunch of accessories, masks, and costumes to make sure that you have all your bases covered. Your favorite horror movie comes to life when you order a scary movie/killer costume today. Combine this amazing selection of murderers and creatures with fast and easy shipping for an amazingly terrifying look.

Scary Movie Costume Ideas & Inspiration

This is one Halloween evening that’s going to need a parental warning by the time you’re through with it. Give all the trick-or-treaters in town some serious nightmares by putting together a costume ensemble that consists of apparel taken from some of the most infamous horror movies around.

Create a nightmare on your street with the Freddy Kruger claw gloves, or scare the pants off some pesky new neighbors dressed up as everyone’s ghost with the mostest. Nobody will be safe from your rampage of terror when you and your horror-loving fans transform yourselves into the scariest cinematic icons to ever stalk their prey on the big screen. Whether you’re waiting in the shadows with Michael Meyers costume, or inviting a scared little boy to play with you and your creepy twin forever… and ever… and ever, you’ll do great while playing the starring role of your very own horror flick.

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