Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fantastic time of year. It is a favorite holiday for many. What other day allows you to dress up in whatever character you desire? It is a feast of the senses. Ghostly little ghouls running around the neighborhood. Funny cartoon characters knocking door to door for sweet treats. But without a doubt it is the scary horror costumes that are most prevalent. This is the chance to dress up and scare all your neighbors, friends and family!  Shop now for the perfect scary costume!

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Devil Makeup Tutorial

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear, right? With the unique take on the demon in this makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll have everyone talking about you this Halloween. 

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

With this vampire makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll represent the citizens of Transylvania quite well. Just remember to keep your teeth to yourself!

Horror Movie Costumes

Whether you lurk around Camp Crystal Lake like Jason Voorhees or haunt the dreams of Elm Street residents like Freddy Kreuger, there's a horror movie costume that's perfect for you. Check out the styles that in our extensive inventory from the Child's Play franchise, like Chucky and his bride, and Scream, too - both the movie and the TV series! No matter your weapon of choice, Wholesale Halloween Costumes is ready to help you share some scares!

Vampire Costumes

Transylvania isn't exactly a popular tourist destination, but if you're planning to visit, you better be dressed appropriately. With some help from the wide selection of vampire costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll be sure to blend in. Throw on a cape and toss in some fangs, and even in broad daylight, you'll be sure to look the part.

Ghost Costumes

With ghost costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll have everyone thinking that they're experiencing some kind of paranormal activity. Be a happy haunt or a galvanizing ghoul this October, and bring a friend along to make a corpse-y couples costume. That way, you'll be sure to bring some additional spirit to your Halloween party. Get it? Additional spirit.

Order Scary Costumes At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Horror costumes is a very broad category to select from. You have the ghosts, ghouls, goblins, witches, vampires and even werewolves. Each one can differ depending on how frightful, or funny, you want to make it. That is the beauty of frightening icons like these. Sometimes it is the accessories that really make or break the the look. Scary Halloween characters are no different.

There are hundreds of different horror selections for you to choose from that are different than the ones mentioned previously. This year you can go as a headless man/woman. You may want to switch it up and be a zombie with a 3-D suit that has intricate details. If you remember that frightening '80's horror movie about the doll, you could don a Chucky overalls and scare everyone, or make them laugh. There are Beetlejuice, phantom, troll costumes you can choose from that will delight everyone around. You will be the talk of the neighborhood or party.

Women's scary outfits can be just as deliciously spooky as well. Have you thought about dressing as a Little Dead Red Riding Hood? It is a great take on a story book character that will be talked about for months. Or if you are in a romantic mood why not be a ghostly bride? Pick up a tattered veil and some dead flowers and you are set!

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