Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fantastic time of year. It is a favorite holiday for many. What other day allows you to dress up in whatever character you desire? It is a feast of the senses. Ghostly little ghouls running around the neighborhood. Funny cartoon characters knocking door to door for sweet treats. But without a doubt it is the scary horror costumes that are most prevalent. This is the chance to dress up and scare all your neighbors, friends and family!  Shop now for the perfect scary costume!

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Devil Makeup Tutorial

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear, right? With the unique take on the demon in this makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll have everyone talking about you this Halloween. 

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

With this vampire makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll represent the citizens of Transylvania quite well. Just remember to keep your teeth to yourself!

Horror Movie Costumes

Horror movies are a classic part of Halloween, and now you can add one of these incredible looks to your next outfit! From the Mummy, to Frankenstein's monster, to the greatest vampire of them all, there are some wonderful costumes you can choose to help make your style something that's memorable, well-known, and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to make your special night even better, from classic Hammer films as well as modern monster movies – Pennywise the clownMichael Myers, the Child's Play movies, and more. They've chased teens through the forest, haunted children, and sucked blood for decades, and they'll love helping you out!

Vampire Costumes

Transylvania may not be a popular tourist destination, but if you're planning to visit, you better be dressed appropriately in some of these wonderful looks! With some help from the wide selection of  you're sure to blend in. Vampires have an undeniable style to help you look your very best, with long evening gowns, vests, capes, and shined shoes. Ever since Dracula practically started the horror genre in 1896, dressing up as this famous blood sucker has never been easier! Add some fangs and try out your best eastern European nobleman accent to create an amazing look for your next night of costume party fun.

Ghost Costumes

These incredible ghost costumes are sure to make everyone thinking they're experiencing some kind of paranormal activity! Be a happy haunt or a galvanizing ghoul this October, and bring a friend along to make a couple of undead lovers. Get a wonderful spirit for Halloween, and find all kinds of amazing costume accessories for your next costume party or while trick-or-treating, with plenty of different outfits for both kids and adults. A little bit of pale makeup, some flowing items, and a few practiced moans help you create an incredible scary Halloween costume with a classic style!

Why Scary Costumes for Halloween?

Scary costumes are the perfect way to make your next Halloween something incredible for a night of costume parties, trick-or-treating, and lots of other great events.

A scary costume is the perfect choice for your next Halloween! There are hundreds of wonderful options available for kids and adults, and everyone will be able to find the perfect choice for whatever kind of event you have in mind: There are classic disembodied spirits, zombies that have crawled right out of the grave, classy and deadly vampires, horror movie monsters, creepy clowns, evil villains, wacky witches who love to have their way with little dogs, and even furry, transforming, shifting werewolves. The options are endless, and you can also find incredible accessories, makeup kits, hats, masks, and plenty of other items – they all come together to make a scary Halloween costume that you're sure to remember and love for years to come!

When the moon rises on Halloween night, and the costume parties open for entry, swoop in as a classic creature or a new version of a monster, and get a wonderful look for any kind of event.

Zombie Costumes

Zombies shamble through the night, seeking delicious, living flesh to fill their rotting bellies. They crawl up out of the grave and terrorize the living from dusk till dawn! Wholesale Halloween Costumes offers a huge selection of amazing zombie costumes in a large variety of styles that are great for kids and adults. You may have to practice your stumble and shuffle, and get some makeup that makes you like a little bit more deader, and shop around through some of the accessories we offer, but you're sure to be able to find a look that's perfect for your next night of costume parties!

More Scary Makeup Tutorials

If you need a little bit of something extra special to help your scary Halloween costumes look better than ever, this collection of scary makeup ideas are sure to help you out! Flex your creative muscles and create BeetlejuiceFrankenstein's monster, Voldemort, the alien, Mystique, Two-Face, Chucky from Child's Play, vampires, zombies, and plenty more! There are lists of everything you need, step-by-step instructions, picture tutorials, and other helpful advice that you can use to make your next costume party or a night of trick-or-treating even more fun for yourself or your spooky little children!

Group Scary Costumes

Scary costumes are the perfect way to create a wonderful group costume look for you and all your friends, your family, or everyone at a costume party! There are lots of different options for you: create a swarming wave of zombies, a family of spooky ghosts, a court of blood-sucking vampires, a collection of red-hot devils, and much more.

Get all of the classic horror movie monsters together for a night of costume party fun, have your kids dress up as the younger or smaller versions of parent costumes, get you and the girlfriends ready to rattle some bones no matter where you go, or make an entire group that is full of so much scare potential, the room will go silent when you make your entrance.

Families that scare together care together, and it's never been easier to find wonderful scary costumes for him and her, as well as for kids! There are bony skeletons, scary grim reapers, deadly vampires, and lots of other options for a trick-or-treating looks that everyone will love! You can even find costumes for infants and toddlers, to help them get into the Halloween spirit early!

Halloween Party Ideas

If you want to make a wonderful night of fun for all of your well-dressed guests, take a look at these fun ideas and tips! There are different options to choose from, including the Goonies, Stranger Things, Hocus Pocus, Tim Burton, Halloween emoji, Halloween masquerade, and plenty more. You'll be able to get custom invitations, amazing decorations, tasty food and drink, party games, favors and gifts, and lots of other great examples of some exemplary party designs that are sure to please all of your guests, your kids, and especially yourself!

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