Santa Suit Costumes

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas just isn't jolly without someone to dress up like Santa Claus and hand out presents or listen to your Christmas wishes. Seeing Santa Claus, whether at the mall or in your own living room, is a thrill that children never forget. The red suit and long white beard are symbolic of hope and magic. For a child to sit on his lap, tell him what they want and then have him bring deliver it on Christmas day is near miraculous. And only the man in the red Santa Suit has this special power.

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Santa Suits fall into two types, the traditional Santa and the Old World Santa. In the US, we are most familiar with Santa, who wears a red velvet suit with white fur trim, a matching hat, black belt and boots. In Europe, Santa is known as Father Christmas and wears a costume with a long robe and a hood. Once you choose the style, then you can choose the quality. We offer everything from a disposable Santa Suit to a very high end professional Santa Suit. For the average shopper, a very good quality Santa Claus costume that you can wear year after year will range between $40-60.

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This year, buy a Santa Suit and start a tradition of dressing up for family and friends or wear a professional quality suit for extra income during the holidays. We have all the Santa costumes, beards, wigs and accessories you need to match with your Santa Suit. We also have coordinating costumes for Mrs. Claus and Santa's Christmas Elves.

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