Saloon Girl Costumes

Are you looking to try something different when it comes to picking out your next costume? You'll wind up with something unique by selecting saloon girl costumes that you everything you need to stand out in a crowd and possibly win a contest for the sexiest costume. When picking out this type of costume it's important to know how to put together the look to make it work for you. Four things to think about include the actual costume itself, any makeup you want to apply with it, the hair and how much the entire ensemble costs.

You have a range of styles to choose from when it comes to putting together saloon girl costumes that fits inline with what you're looking for but your end result should scream "sexy." Skirt lengths for this costume type include those that come down to the knee, sit high above the knee or go lower with a high slit that show off the shape of your legs. Ruffled tops that sit low on the bosom give the outfit the sultry edge you're looking for with this type of costume. Color choices range from red and black to pure black on most of the outfits you see.

Curling your own long hair into ringlets or putting on a wig make saloon girl costumes look like you're stepping back in time. Popular color choices for wigs include red, blond and black and the longer the better.

Reach for the red lipstick to make saloon girl costumes stand out in a crowded room. Keep your other makeup light except for showing off your lashes with a lengthening mascara or falsies. Paint your nails red and your good to go for a fun night out the next time a costume party rolls around.

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