Russian Costumes

Russia has a lot of history and a rich culture that spawns many centuries. Tsars and Tsarinas donned up in fancy silky robes with gold accents to show their wealth and power. Russia's prominent history is not only shown through the history books, but in their own clothing as well. From royal robes to dancing Cossacks, each outfit represents a time in Russia's past. There are various party and Halloween Russian costumes that also have a fun Russian twist without being too stereotypical.

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Russian costumes are a fun way to dress up at various different parties, since they stand out against the others. These types of costumes range from a comical viewpoint such as a Russian traditional dancer and a faux fur Russia style hat, to sexy women's costumes which feature a short length skirt and an arm warmer. These costumes are iconic to the Russian way of life and will jazz up an adult party with a unique flair. Most costumes are authentically crafted to look like the real thing, such as the Russian royal guard which will garner many compliments at a social event. Other Russian costumes show a seductive side, such as the "White Russian" and "Black Russian" women's costumes which are perfect for entertaining guests if you are hosting a party.

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