Rosie The Riveter Costumes

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Rosie the Riveter Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Looking for a truly awesome American costume for Halloween this year? Then look no further than our patriotic Rosie the Riveter Costumes! Rosie the Riveter is a female poster character who was created during the World War II era, featuring a woman in a red bandana tugged up tight in the hair, and a working woman’s blue jacket, her arm posed in the position of a flexed bicep. Often, the words “We Can Do It!” are accompanied with her image.

This image of Rosie came to represent women empowerment and women in the workforce everywhere. These posters were hung all around in order to attract women to the industrial workforce while most of the men went off to fight in World War II. During this time, women everywhere began working in shipyards and factories, taking all of the jobs that only men had worked previously. This Halloween, you will be channeling the female working spirit all day long while you’re wearing one of our fierce Rosie the Riveter get-ups.

Head to the party while dressed up as Rosie, and you will be celebrating the evolution of gender in the USA in style. If you really want to make this Halloween a celebration of American history, then be sure to team up with some other fun American characters and monuments. The party will really be bumping this Halloween when you enter the room with the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, George Washington, and all the rest of the US presidents who have helped guide our nation over the years.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Rosie the Riveter costume some more, then be sure to scan through our wide selection of accessories. Bandannas, wigs, jewelry and more – we have everything you need to make your costume come alive in the best way possible. Buy one of our Rosie the Riveter costumes today, and go make this Halloween a real celebration of women everywhere! 

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