Rooster Costumes

Wake everyone up with rooster costumes for mom, dad, and baby. While everyone wants to be an animal for Halloween, be original by being a rooster. These colorful birds are always the center of attention. Sound like you? Pick up a rooster costume today with fast shipping and easy online ordering from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Rooster Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Anyone who’s ever lived on farms remembers these animals well and while it can be very welcome to have a pretty consistent alarm clock that you can depend on sometimes you just want to go and – well, all that being said you’re more welcome for their presence than you would at their absence. Give everyone a welcome wakeup call this Halloween while dressed as one of the most iconic farmhouse birds around. Search through our extensive catalog of Rooster costumes for the one that’s right for you.

We’ve got one for almost every occasion: traditional authentic-looking bodysuits for children and adults. Have a laugh with some goofier variations like the Ride a Chicken costume that will see you showing up to the party with a very unusual beast tucked underneath your legs. Coming in yellow and white, you’ll love clucking around before giving your big rooster call signaling that a day of fun and games has just begun. 

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