Ride-On Costumes

Ride-On Costumes 

Surprise your friends this year with one of the silliest concepts for a Halloween costume: the ride-on suit! Shrink yourself down and ride atop an animal or character of your choosing and you may even surprise yourself how real it seems. Saddle up this Halloween and order your ride-on costume today!

Ride-On Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Bring your new pal to the party for everyone to see once you’ve picked out the perfect Ride-On Costume from our extensive selection. Those without a sense of humor need not apply! These hilarious costumes are here to provide you with the perfect silly look to enjoy for Halloween.

Whoever your new buddy is the two of you must be pretty close for them to give you an impromptu piggyback ride all night long. Act like you’re trying to keep your balance with a costume that features a small character, ranging from cute critters like a chicken to a German beer maiden, to an evil clown, giving you a lift on their backs. Two fake legs are positioned over their head making it seem as if you are actually off-the-ground while your actual legs are comfortably positioned where the character's legs are. You’ve got full mobility providing you plenty of opportunities for some fun physical humor.

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