Rey Costumes

One of the newest members of the Star Wars universe is Rey: a girl with a mysterious past. Rey might have blended into the sands of Jakku but in space she can’t hide her strong abilities with the force. Her powers rival that of even the feared Kylo Ren. Browse our selection of affordable Rey Halloween costumes and order online today!

Rey Costume Ideas & Inspiration

A new generation needs a new hero to save it. Fight against the evil of the First Order and its new leader Kylo Ren by donning a costume that will have you feeling ready to take on the mantle of Luke Skywalker. Step into shoes of this Jakku-scavenger turned Jedi Knight with our collection of Rey costumes chocked to the brim with authentic officially licensed products designed to provide fans with everything they want to look just like Daisy Ridley’s determined hero. Now you or your girl can finally feel what it means to be the hero of an outer space epic with the series’ first lady protagonist.

Our collection of Rey outfits feature her white Jakku look, as well as the grayer and darker look she sported in the Last Jedi, designed with both child and woman variants so that anyone no matter their age can join in. Be sure to enhance your look with additional accessories such as her mask and hood combination, lightsaber prop and additional apparel as a celebration of the new face of Star Wars.

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