Religious Halloween Costumes

Biblical costumes help you tell the greatest stories ever told, the stories from The Bible. It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or a Jew because the Old Testament is read by both faiths. All people of faith believe in Moses and the parting of the Red Sea because and we all practice the Ten Commandments. Our biblical and religious wear can help you retell these stories in to our children whether is be in Sunday school or Yeshiva school. Adults too can wear robes to participate in Christian or Hebrew plays.  Find the religious costume you are looking for now!

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Additional outfits are available for Christians that are according to the New Testament. These include Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wise men. Shepherd style can represent any male character in the Bible whether it be disciples or followers of Jesus or characters from years before such as Abraham or Noah.

There are religious holidays that are ideal for wearing biblical costumes. Christians present passion plays during Lent in the spring. They purchase styles representing Jesus, Caesar and Roman soldiers for this purpose. In the late winter, Orthodox Jews celebrate Purim, a joyous holiday marked by eating, drinking and dressing in disguises. To use the selections found in this section to dress as Queen Ester or Mordecai would be very appropriate for Purim.

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