Referee Costumes

Take a time out and look at all of these referee costumes that we have available. A referee is arguably the most important part of a sports game – they keep the players in line by making and enforcing the rules. With any of these referee costumes, blow the whistle at any rule breaker and give them a penalty for bad behavior. With costumes for men and women, this is a classic costume that can be a great couples costume or perfect for the solo party goer. Either way, get ready to get your head in the game.

Find The Best Referee Costume Online

Trying to turn heads this Halloween? What better way to do it than in a sexy referee costume. There are many variations for women to become the seductive referee that every football player wants to be tamed by. From halter tops to dresses to low-cut t-shirts, any of these options will make the coach call for a time-out. This costume isn’t only for women – men can also be a traditional “humorous” referee to wow fans. Use your whistle to call technical fouls as you make or break the game – it’s your call.

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