Rabbi Costumes

Rabbi Costume 

Spread the teachings of the Torah as a Rabbi this year. As a corner-stone member of the Jewish community, you have big shoes to fill. Whether you need a Rabbi costume for a play or to dress up like one for Halloween, Wholesale Halloween has quality costumes available to purchase now!

Rabbi Costume Ideas & Inspiration

L’chaim! Preach the word with a costume that will leave all of your friends saying oy vey when they see you. You’ve always been a bit of a blabbermouth but now that you’ve got a rabbi outfit from our incredible selection of religious costumes you’re completely insufferable.

Give everyone advice about every aspect of their lives whether it was sought or not, especially if it wasn’t. Those are the people who need to hear you the most. These costumes feature traditional rabbit garb with flourishes such as hats with attached payis curls, a prayer shawl, and beards for a very convincing look that will leave no doubt that you are the preeminent expert on all matters religious, philosophical or secular. If you want things to go really off-the-rails track down a friend wearing a priest or nun costume and put on a show that will end with everyone begging you to stop.

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