Queen Costumes

What’s better than being the ruler of an entire kingdom? Be a queen this Halloween with all of our royal dresses guaranteed to make everyone know who the one in charge of the room is at all times. A queen has it all – a kingdom, a king, riches, jewels, and people that wait on her hand and foot. Play pretend just for one night with all of the costumes we have available. Sexy and strong are two of the many words people will use to describe you when you set foot in any of our queen costumes. From Egypt to Warrior Queens, Disney’s Evil Queens, The Queen of Hearts, Mardi Gras Queen, to Queen Elizabeth, nothing will stand in your way from ruling your next Halloween party.

Queen Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Provide your subjects with a rare glimpse of their queen dressed in fineries and apparel that will leave even the nobility in awe of your grandeur. Who wouldn’t want to be a royal for Halloween, wielding ultimate power with subjects at your beck and call, it’s a dream come true for anyone who has ever fantasized that they had what it takes to be a true ruler.

Luckily for your grace, we’ve opened up the royal wardrobe just for you, ensuring you’ll have everything you need to put together a look that will have the entire court wrapped around your little finger. Your natural grace and beauty will be the foundation with the dress only serving to enhance what is already there for a dangerous combination that will prove irresistible to your rivals and fellow contemporaries. Everyone will know the true power of the land rests not in its king but its queen.

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