Queen Costumes

What’s better than being the ruler of an entire kingdom? Be a queen this Halloween with all of our royal dresses guaranteed to make everyone know who the one in charge of the room is at all times. A queen has it all – a kingdom, a king, riches, jewels, and people that wait on her hand and foot. Play pretend just for one night with all of the costumes we have available. Sexy and strong are two of the many words people will use to describe you when you set foot in any of our queen costumes. From Egypt to Warrior Queens, Disney’s Evil Queens, The Queen of Hearts, Mardi Gras Queen, to Queen Elizabeth, nothing will stand in your way from ruling your next Halloween party.

These costumes are mainly for young adults and women who want to experience their royal side. Make it a couples costume with your king by your side or even a family costume if you have your own little prince and princess. Don’t forget that every queen must have her crown – we have many different types of crowns to go with your gown. Add a pair of heels or flats for a look that is sure to be the law of the land. Whether you’re going for the traditional queen look or modeling yourself after your favorite Disney character, there is no limit to the different royally great combinations you can make to be the most fabulous one at the party.

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