Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkin costumes for Halloween are popular every year. Fall would be nothing without pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice truly liven the season. Browse our large selection of pumpkin-themed costumes online now. Better yet, check out our pumpkin props and accessories to enhance your home this fall!

Jack-O'-Lantern Makeup Tutorial

There's no Halloween staple quite like a Jack-O-Lanterns. Every year, pumpkins are carved in all sorts of patterns from the classic Jack O’Lantern face to other intricate designs. But when it comes to a classic pumpkin, there’s nothing that beats the original Jack-O-Lantern pattern!

To celebrate Halloween we had Caitlyn Kreklewich to put together a Jack O’Lantern makeup look, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Celebrate Halloween in style with a classic carved pumpkin makeup look that actually glows under a black light!

Pumpkin Costume Ideas & Inspiration

We don’t want to alarm you but that pumpkin you put out is looking mighty weird. It’s grown limbs and a face and is now haunting your property! Give everyone a Halloween scare they won’t soon forget with the addition of an exciting piece of apparel that will send all the trick-or-treaters running back inside. Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween providing you with the perfect opportunity to really twist this festive decoration into a scary sight that will haunt their nightmares.

Thanks to our extensive catalog you’ll have everything you need to craft your pumpkin-themed look. It also comes with additional accessories as well as decorative pieces that will enhance the atmosphere this season. And if you really must, we have plenty of nice and happy pumpkin outfits for children and adults that will counteract all the spooky chills and thrills making for a fun affair that the entire family can enjoy.

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