Skull & Skeleton Props & Decorations

Are you looking for some bone-rattling decorations for your home this Halloween? Then you must order items from our Skeletons and Skulls Props and Decorations section. You can order entire skeletons, just the skulls or limbs rising from the grave. You can even order bony barware for your party.

Halloween is said to be a day when the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest and the dead can communicate with the living. Skeletons, as a representation of death, are an important symbol of Halloween so make sure you include several in your decor. Start with the basics and order a realistic skeleton to hang in your home. Or choose one of our skulls. Choices include a simple skull, one with light-up eyes and one that glows in the dark. Setting up a graveyard scene in your living room or front yard? Order arm bones or an entire torso that can be placed on the ground, appearing as if the deceased is trying to rise from the grave.

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