Skull & Skeleton Props & Decorations

Are you looking for some bone-rattling decorations for your home this Halloween? Then you must order items from our Skeletons and Skulls Props and Decorations section. You can order entire skeletons, just the skulls or limbs rising from the grave. You can even order bony barware for your party.

Halloween is said to be a day when the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest and the dead can communicate with the living. Skeletons, as a representation of death, are an important symbol of Halloween so make sure you include several in your decor. Start with the basics and order a realistic skeleton to hang in your home. Or choose one of our skulls. Choices include a simple skull, one with light-up eyes and one that glows in the dark. Setting up a graveyard scene in your living room or front yard? Order arm bones or an entire torso that can be placed on the ground, appearing as if the deceased is trying to rise from the grave.

DIY Skull Decorations

Ombre Skull Centerpiece

Skulls don't have to always be scary. With this ombre skull centerpiece, you can create a scene that's a pastel goth's dream! By following along with the tutorial you can learn how to transform our skull decorations into a centerpiece for Halloween and beyond. 

Floral Skull Wreath

Deck the halls for Halloween with skulls and florals. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas. By incorporating skull decorations around the house, you'll be ready for spooky season. This floral skull wreath tutorial will help you recreate this decoration that's perfect for Halloween!

Glowing Skull String Art

String art is so cool. It looks so intricate but you'll never guess how easy it is to do at home. Grab some supplies and follow along with this skull string art tutorial to create your own Halloween decor. Nothing says spooky quite like a skull that glows in the dark!

Skull Wall Art

Any house can be transformed into a haunted house for Halloween with the right decorations. Using a few supplies, like a picture frame and a fake skull, you can create a 3D piece of wall art for Halloween. This 3D skull wall art is the perfect addition to your holiday decorations this spooky season!

Sparkling Skull Centerpiece

Skulls can be as chic as they are scary. All you need are a few supplies, like rhinestones, to take your spooky centerpiece to the next level. This sparkling skull centerpiece is easy to recreate if you follow along with our tutorial. Your Halloween decorations will never be more sophisticated!

Sugar Skull Centerpiece

When Halloween is over, some celebrate Day of the Dead. It's a holiday that honors our lost love ones. The celebration includes an altar of offerings, including skulls made of sugar. While these skulls aren't made of sugar, you can turn them into the perfect centerpiece for the occasion. 

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