Pumpkin Carving Props & Decorations

Pumpkins, especially Jack-o'-lanterns, go hand-in-hand with Halloween. So when decking your home for the holiday, make sure you include some of our Pumpkin Props and Decorations. Whether you want to carve a pumpkin yourself or you would rather buy a decoration you can display for years to come, we have what you need. Choices include a carving kit that can help you make a stunning Jack-o'-Lantern from a real pumpkin. If you order that, be sure to include a battery operated light in your shopping cart. We also have pumpkin ghosts, scarecrows with a pumpkin head and a pumpkin cover for lights and fog machines.

Jack-o'-Lanterns originated in Ireland, but the Irish carved faces into potatoes, beats and turnips. It was believed you could ward off evil if you carried around a lighted Jack-o'-lantern. Once in the New World, the Irish discovered pumpkins, which are native to North and Central America, and realized this fruit was a much better choice. And since then, pumpkins have been associated with Halloween. Every October, the World Championship Pumpkin' Chunkin' competition is held in Delaware. Participants create machines, such as catapults and trebuchets, to launch pumpkins. Most are in the air for about 5,000 feet. We hope that you'll be kinder to the pumpkins you purchase from us.

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