Outdoor Props & Decorations

Outdoor decorations and props can help create a spooky atmosphere for passers by, visitors, and trick-or-treaters. You can put out a couple of items to just help create a mood, or make elaborate scenes and displays that will really creep out anyone who sees them. Build a haunted cemetery in your yard that will make even the bravest trick-or-treaters a little uneasy as they walk past it on their way to your door. Set out tombstones covered in moss and cobwebs. Scatter some bones, or put zombie or skeleton arm stakes into the ground that look like undead creatures trying to dig their way out. Ghosts and ghouls can be hung overhead and the whole scene can be enclosed inside a fence that looks like ancient cast iron.

DIY Cheesecloth Ghost Busts

Each year, Halloween decorations get more and more creative. It's a badge of honor to be the spookiest house on the block. We want to show you that becoming an incredible Halloween decorator isn't as hard as you think. From your porch to your living room or classroom, these DIY ghost busts are the perfect way to show your love for the Halloween season and the supernatural.

There are all kinds of creatures you can set outside to scare visitors. Put out full size or mini ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, reapers, and even evil clowns. They float, hang, stand, sit, or look like they're crawling out of the ground. Some are motion activated and move or make creepy sounds whenever someone comes near. These outdoor props are a sure way to scare anyone. Spiders, rats, snakes, and birds want in on the scaring, too. There are giant cobwebs and web sacs complete with moving spiders. There are giant spiders that crawl or drop from the porch overhang. There are rats that look real and others that look zombified. You can put a snake prop near the path and when someone walks by it will lunge forward.

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