Insect & Animal Props & Decorations

Nothing is more fun on Halloween than being frightened so make sure that you order some Scary Creatures Props & Decorations. From tiny roaches to medium size birds to giant spiders, if it is horrifying, we have it. Put them in your windowsill, front yard or place of business. Halloween traditions began with the Celtic festival of Samhain; the Celts believe that the dead could walk on the earth on this day. Representations of the dead, like skeletons and ghosts, quickly became associated with the holiday. But soon other scary creatures – such as black crows, spiders, rats and bats - became a part of Halloween as well.

Crows, for example, are often seen in Halloween decorations. Most crows eat carrion. They have an important role in the circle of life, which is to eat, and thus get rid of, corpses. When you see many crows circling, they are likely hovering over an animal that is dead or dying. It is because of this that they have become symbols of Halloween. We have several different crow props available for sale. A common dread among people is arachnophobia, which is a severe terror of spiders. Feed this fear with one of the many spider props that we have to offer. Several of them are even animated. For a millennia, rats have been known to carry disease and bring death so don't forget to order one of our rat props as well. Additional selections include bats, cats and snakes.

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