Horror Props & Decorations

If you want to create a truly terrifying scene, use horror props to add a level of detail and realism. With everything from bloody body parts to zombie babies, we have the scary props you need for your home display or professional haunted house.

DIY Specimen Jars

Gore and grotesque is really in right now. But humans have always had some curious fascination with all things creepy. 

Bloodbaths may have somehow become normalized thanks to many popular movies and television shows. This tutorial will teach you how to make some gross and insane decorations for Halloween.

Chop shops, murder scenes, and creature lairs look scariest when there are signs of the victims. We have all kinds of severed body parts that you can spread around the display to make it look extra gruesome. Bloody feet, hands, eyeballs, ears, and more are all part of the human remains you can scatter in the dungeon or butcher shop to make it look like the killer or monster has mangled more than his share of bodies. Throw in a bloody meat cleaver or a body bag for added creepiness.

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