Window & Wall Cover Home Decor

Turn any room into a dungeon with scene setter decorations. Backdrops and  other wall hangings will help you create a spooky and realistic looking scene. Lay out props and you've got the makings of a great Halloween party room, haunted house attraction, or scary foyer for trick-or-treaters.

Scene setters are large rolls of temporary wallpaper that you can hang up to make the foundation to an immersive display. You can get black out background paper to cover up white or colored walls and make a room very dark. It's perfect for turning a cheery room into a creepy haunted space. Scene setters also with patterns like a stone or wooden wall. Create a dungeon or castle scene or turn a room into an old barn or shack. Add ons give the walls even more detail and depth. Some of these backdrops are really scary on their own. The catacombs paper looks like a wall of old skulls and would look creepy lining the walls of a hallway. The chop shop scenery is one of our most horrifying. It looks like the blood stained walls of a deranged killer's kitchen or lab and even features add-on sheets to place over it.

DIY Halloween Window Silhouettes

If you want all your neighbors and trick-or-treaters to do a double take when they pass by your house this Halloween, we've got just what you need. These DIY window silhouettes will set a creepy scene. From staring eyes and reaching hands to the ominous reaper and smirking face, you can add a spooky decor in no time.

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