TV & Movie Home Decor

TV and movie props are inspired by some of the most famous, scary, and recognizable characters out there. Use your love of film and of horror, along with these scary props and decorations, to create terrifying scenes when you decorate for Halloween. There are classic cult horror movie characters that have worked their way into popular culture. Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger, and the ghost face from Scream are all examples of characters that everyone recognizes and fears. Set out props of these killers or their related accessories to really make visitors tremble.

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Regan, the possessed girl in the classic The Exorcist is another unforgettable and terrifying characters. There are many props for an Exorcist themed display, including a standing prop and one that rises out of bed. You could recreate scenes from the movie or invent your own. Put out a Dracula or Nosferatu prop to go along with your gothic vampire display. Or set out a Jekyll and Hyde tombstone in your cemetery.

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